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during the university of oregon. >>> football history, history making day in oakland. >> eagles quarterback nick foles tie as record. the bad news, it was against the raiders. sports wrap is next. [ music ] >>> good evening. welcome to sports wrap. expectations were high today for the raiders who were coming off a win, had a chance to go .500. at home against the philadelphia eagles who have been up and down all year. unfortunately for oakland the eagles were up. nick foles firing to cooper in the 2nd quarter for 17 yards and a score. haden because the defender who got beat on that play. he falls down. 63-yard touchdown. 21-3. mcfadden with a injury. jennings had a good day in his place. 8-yard run. 21-10 but a bad afternoon for the secondary. all by himself. that pass. we stay local. jackson streaking down the right sideline. a 46-yard play. 42-13 eagles in the 3rd quarter. still more to come. the third time in the afternoon. nick foles ties a record with 7 touchdown passes, 406 yards. the raiders fall to 3-5 on the wrong end of a 49-20 score. the coach had a simple explanation
special guests is the global ambassador for the san diego zoo. welcome. >> thank you. >> is this a eagle? >> a bald eagle. the great story about the bald eagle. this is thunder. thunder is with us because, unfortunately, he's had challenges in the wild and could not be rabbited to be released. the ultimate goal when we receive damaged birds or animals is send them back to the wild. he was not safe to be released. >> he's happy with us! >> the great story about bald eagles in general is that one time they were a critically endangered species. we almost lost them and it's our national symbol. but because of slight changes in our behavior, nothing drastic, nothing major, just change a few things on how we deal with pesticides, they're now off the endangered species list. he's well trained to hang out with the glove here. we have tresses on him. we do fly him short distances. >> that's a beautiful animal. >> let me get this guy over here . >> the eagle is a predator that eats small animals. the little gray fox, great for being on "fox & friends." we thought it would be good to have force. he
, and everybody was a part of it. >> the government is eagle for show that they participated and facilitated the withdraw. >> the people now leaving are the last people leaving after the agreement of national security, social affairs and the damascus county governor. >> others are more cynical, the neighborhood now free of civilians could allow for tactical military advantage as assad forces seek to gain control of the neighborhoods. still whatever the reasons for the move, the residents are thankful. >> the government coming here is like medicine to us. thanks for that. god help you, and thanks to the syrian army, and god protect them. >> reporter: but this is an isolated case. syrian regime forces have one tactic throughout the country when it comes to neighborhood-helrebel-heldneigh. they block them and keep supplies out. al jazeera. >> hello every, we have a very nasty storm in the making across the united states. it will make the central and eastern part in the next 72 hours. first of all let's take a look at it developing right here across the central plains. you can see area of low pr
're investing on the eagle ford acres that could turn it into a producer. the company is devoting 80% of its expenditure budget to the texan shale. they are going to use the money to fund their drilling operations in eagleford which is what we want to see. that's coming in the not too distant future. it's 50 miles wide and 40 miles long running all the way through texas to touch on new mexico and louisiana. if this were a country it was rank as one of the top 15 world producing nations in the world. let's hope it doesn't sussede. that number will sink. not only will swift become a pure play but it's assets are high quality. the strength is masked by the weakness in other areas. it's roughly 65,000 acres in la salle and mcmullin. they had 100% success rate. no dry holes. every time they drill they're hitting holes here and they are improving other metrics too. stronger than expected revenues that rose 18.8%. increasing 10%. within the swisz initial performance is up and the well cost declined by over 10%. how many businesses dropped and revenues rose. plus company has 340 million barrels of o
td as the colts rally and beat them 27-24. eagles and nick foles and 1234567, yes, 7 touchdowns with 406 yards in the third start of the season and five caught td passes and cooper had three himself and the 7th nfl player to throw them and the other was peyton manning and beat the raiders 41-20. and they helped fuel the chiefs undefeated season this far and not their own but the other team's backup quarterbacks and buffalo did not have the tools to keep smith from picking him off and returning 100 yards and the longest he did this since it happened in 1977. tool was the fourth backup the chiefs faced in five weeks and he serves up the 30st birthday gift who scoops it up and wins 23-13 and 9-0 for the first time since 2003. much has been made about the rise of bullying and harass -- harassment and the miami dolphins locker room and the tackle jonathan martin is away from the dolphins after some incident in the dolphin's cafeteria. after an internal investigation and representatives of martin they suspended ritchie for unspecified conduct detriment toll the team and he served as t
themselves in young eagle flight expeditions. their faces were alight with excitement as they experimented with the physics of flight and felt the contagious enthusiasm of skilled aviators who, after years, still find freedom in the blue's high tide. the spirit of aviation day at sugar valley revealed to young people new career ponlts for -- possibilities for their lives and didn't just stroke the dream of aviation but presented a step by step path students might take to see aviation dreams become a reality. what stands out to me more than anything else is that this day of discovery and imagination was made possible by a community independently committed to encouraging the next generation of aerial pioneers, whether pilots, mechanics, or engineers. yes the spirit of volunteerism and community service is alive and well in north carolina, in fact, it's thriving, and every time i'm home visiting nonprofits and meeting the people who make up their very support networks, i'm proud of the tar heel state. the initiative and ben nevillent entrepreneurialism displayed by carolinaians contributes to
everyone goes home happy. >>> this is a game a quarterback will never forget. philadelphia eagles backup qb nick foles, seven touchdown passes, that is one game, tying an nfl record. the big question now is what will the coach do when the starter comes back? joe carter is here with "the bleacher report." >> i just don't know, guys. i really don't know what chip kelly is going to do. i guess if nick foles goes out next week and he beats a good team like the green bay packers then we might have a quarterback controversy in philadelphia but nick foles is in that starting role because michael vick injured his hamstring a few weeks back and foles said he has thrown seven touchdown passes in a game before, but it was in a video game. now keep in mind he only played three-quarters yesterday and he could have broken the all-time touchdown record but coach kelly decided to pull him because they were beating the raiders by 36 points. now he is just a second-year player and he joins a list of only five other quarterbacks in nfl history to throw seven touchdown passes in one nfl game. >>> texans coach
can even see bald eagles nesting on wild marsh. >> it's all strip malls and highways and suburbs in northern virginia. to have this jewel so close and so accessible is a wonderful thing. >> reporter: it used to be 200 eab. now it's only 60. >> the park service knows from old photographs and aerial photography that the marsh extended as far as that bowie prior to the 1940's. then the dredging started. >> reporter: metal and steel recommend participants remain of the operation -- remnants remain of the operation that halted in 1972 but erosion continued the assault. >> this marsh shoreline has been eroding at the rate of 6 to 8 feet per year. >> reporter: the depleted shoreline could not hold back the tides of hurricane isabel in 2003. >> it crossed through the whole road into the housing community on the other side of the road. >> reporter: on this first anniversary of hurricane sandy which devastated the coast of new yod new jersey, inteor secretary sally jewel announced a $162 million effort to restore wetlands. $25 million will go to the marsh. >> within the next five years whe
on the lord shall renew their strength. they shall mount up with wings like eagles. they shall run and not be weary. they shall walk and not faint. why do you think it's his favorite? >> it's a verse about giving things time to play out. we will not have all of our success right away. sometimes it takes a while for things to develop. we have to wait on god to move. that's a bid of wisdom not just for the president, but all of us. >> can you tell us about the office you are running and your job responsibilities. >> sure. i used to run the faith-based and neighborhood partnerships with the white house and faith-based organizations around the country to serve people in need and i did that for the president's first term and now transitioned to an organization called values partnerships where we help with the faith community to solve challenges in the world. >> george w. bush is a man of deep faith. did he have daily devotionals? >> i would guess he did, but i wonder, presidents can let us in so many different ways. i wonder if you wish that not just this president, but all presidents w
to talk first here about a fellow screaming eagle, a fellow member of the 101st airborne division. o was wounded in action, sernlt carl moore iii, from bigalow, arkansas. in the second congressional district. my district. sergeant moore new york early june of this year, was wounded while on patrol -- sergeant moore, in early june of this year, was wounded while on patrol in afghan strap. the bullet went under his arm, puncturing a lung and hitting his spine. i pray for his speedy recovery so he can get back to the things he loves. my thoughts go out to his parents, carl and theresa, of conway, arkansas, also in my district, and his wife heather and their 4-year-old daughter addison. and this is just one example, just one example, of the type of service that we should all be thankful for and tonight i want to thank sergeant karl moore for his service and his sacrifice and for his family's sacrifice. when i think about all the vets who have impacted my life personally, it's a list that too long to read and they've impacted me in so many ways and you know, i often think of my grandfathe
of america. he will be the national president of the organization starting next year. gates was an eagle scout himself. there is some question if his experience-ending don't ask don't tell at the pentagon might impact how the scouts handle gay policy going forward. >>> cory booker will be sworn in as new jersey's senator today. vice president joe biden will do the honors, swearing booker in in the senate chambers of the u.s. capitol, the rising democratic star will head to the white house this afternoon and meet with president obama. he won a special election earlier this month to fill out the term of late democratic senator frank lautenberg. >>> in honor of halloween check out this real life, well not really real life vampire attack, this is a youtube prankster dressed up as a zombie vampire and unleashing his shenanigans on the streets in philly, most folks run, couple of fist bumps, my favorite though is this guy, totally not bothered, get away from me. wasn't even spooked. that's fantastic. he actually did a really good job, he put the contacts in, fake teeth, mussed up his hair. els
eagles fly over his memory and poland's historic accomplishments as she walk with free nations in liberty's mark. i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: for what purpose does the gentleman from pennsylvania seek recognition? >> i ask unanimous consent to address the house for one minute and to revise and extend my remarks. the speaker pro tempore: without objection. >> mr. speaker, over the past few months, i've come to the house floor to sound the alarm regarding the emptiness of the promises the president made when he sold his health care law. promises such as if you like your health care plan you can keep it and that premiums would drop by $2,500. those promises, mr. speaker, are now on the ash heap of history. here's what i'm hearing from my district. a woman from allegeny county recently showed me the letter she got from her insurance letter. the letter begins -- this is to inform you that we'll discontinue your health care plan on december 31, 2013. mr. rothfus: a father tells me that his family's coverage will be terminated next year. another woman in the nor
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)